Losing a family pet can be an overwhelming experience, but we would like to provide you with some tools for support during this difficult time.

Pet Loss Support Group

Find comfort and compassion in the Humane Society’s Pet Loss Support Group, facilitated by experienced volunteers. Call 356-2217 to attend.

First Tuesday Every Month 6 to 7 pm Hawaiian Humane Society

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. When a person dies, there is often a network of family, friends and professionals to help loved ones with the painful process of grieving. When a pet dies, those left behind are often alone with their grief. You can celebrate your pet’s life in so many ways.

    • Record happy memories in a journal or a letter.
      • Make a photo album or collage.
      • Plan a memorial service.
      • Volunteer to help animals at the Humane Society.
      • Make a donation in memory of your pet to the Humane Society.

Learn more about the stages of grief, what to tell kids, pet loss support hotlines and books in this Pet Loss Brochure.